Create secure, frictionless banking experiences that protect, engage and support customers

With IMImobile, you gain a centralised hub for delivering two-way communications across 10+ channels

Don't let existing IT infrastructure hold you back in creating a contextual banking experience

Link back-end infrastructure with real-time triggers to turn routine communications into contextual two-way interactions that engage customers. Deliver interactive direct debit reminders or credit limit alerts that customers can respond to using text, scrollable carousels, quick replies, and much more, to create seamless banking experiences.

Download our customer success story to see how a UK retail bank was able to take a single platform approach to digitising a number of customer journeys to fight fraud and improve contact centre efficiency.


Manage communications in the cloud to accelerate digital transformation

Centrally manage and monitor communications and customer journeys across all channels and systems in a high-performance cloud environment with 99.99% uptime and elastic scalability.

Visual flow building tools and advanced automation capabilities combine with the centralised advantage to make it easy to automate customer contact policies, monitor live customer communications, control communication costs, and continuously optimise CX.

To learn more about our enterprise-grade cloud communications platform, click to watch the video.


End-to-end customer service automation

Through a blend of NLP and rule-based decisioning, enable customers to self-serve on their favourite digital and mobile channels. Allow customers to manage their accounts, access banking services, resolve common customer service enquiries and respond to routine outbound communications, without having to call the contact centre.

Download our customer success story to find out how our virtual assistant reduced the level of in-bound contact centre customer enquiries.


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