Breaking down rich messaging: Know the channels and how to get started

Together with the Mobile Ecosystem Forum, we have created simple rich messaging cards featuring the latest channels that help businesses transform customer experiences.

Written by Sravani Gade on

There has never been a better time for business messaging to thrive. The past year has made most businesses eager to stay connected to their customers and customers have had to choose the safest and most convenient way of interacting with businesses. It then comes as no surprise when reports suggest that business messaging traffic is likely to more than double by 2024 from the 1.64 trillion reported in 2019.

What's the hype about business messaging

Before we build on this trend, let’s first understand what business messaging is. Business messaging is a set of channels over which customers and businesses can interact with each other. Customers now expect to have personalized two-way interactions with businesses at their convenience just like they do with their friends or family, on the channels they prefer. Businesses that can meet these expectations are successful in delivering conversational customer experiences.

Global business messaging increased 10% last year to 2.7 trillion messages. The trend is also likely to continue for the foreseeable future with in-person transactions becoming less and less frequent. While SMS continued to be the most effective and reliable channel for businesses, some experimented and started to adopt rich messaging channels like WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, RCS, and Google’s Business Messages to connect with their customers.

All channels or the right channels

The nature of customer interactions has evolved significantly in the past year. From ordering daily supplies to making payments, customers have increasingly taken to a wide range of digital platforms and messaging channels to meet their needs. While businesses need to be on these platforms to interact with their customers, it is crucial to identify the right channels to be effective.

Rich messaging channels like Apple Business Chat and WhatsApp offer businesses the ability to engage customers throughout their journey. With features like carousels, list pickers, quick action buttons, customers can ask queries, browse options, book appointments, and make payments without having to leave the channel. Businesses can further benefit by understanding customer expectations through these interactions and personalizing their future interactions with proactive alerts and notifications.

Be on the channels your customers love

To help businesses better understand these channels and their features, we worked with the Mobile Ecosystem Forum to collate six rich messaging recipe cards focused on the channels that are transforming the customer experience today. The channels featured are:

Each of these channels has been made into simple, easy-to-digest recipe cards that succinctly list the nuances of each channel and help businesses identify how they could fit into their communication mix.

The recipe cards have two parts. The first part covers essential questions like:

What the channel is -  for example, RCS stands for Rich Communication Services and is a mobile operator-based channel whereas, Apple Business Chat is an app-based digital channel exclusively for iOS users.

What it does -  list its features and abilities that will help businesses to understand how each channel can be leveraged as touchpoints with customers.

Where it can be used and who you can reach – the estimated user base of each channel and the regions it has been rolled out in.

The second part lists out easy steps for businesses to get started with a bonus feature of trying a demo by scanning an embedded QR code. The recipe cards have been bundled into a comprehensive package that can be downloaded for free to gain access to all the channels in one place.

The need for seamless, interactive, and rich customer experiences is here to stay. Businesses that invest in creating connected experiences for customers across every touchpoint across every channel will give them a competitive advantage. To deliver a conversational and end-to-end customer experience, businesses will have to manage all customer interactions across multiple channels centrally. We’re excited to enable this for you.

Download our rich messaging recipe card pack here, to get started today.