Climbing the digital transformation mountain

New study finds that legacy systems are holding 84% of companies back. Find out how to make omnichannel a reality.

Written by Matt HooperMarch 21st 2017

Digital transformation is a race for survival. Those companies which are first past the post will be best placed to serve the new generation of ‘connected’ consumers, who will flock from competitors to those which can harness the latest tech and communication capabilities.

One concerning stat demonstrates just how important this race is to the future of every business - 40% of companies will be dead in the next five years, according to Cisco’s ex-CEO, and you can be sure that digital disruption and the slow progress of digital transformation will be primary causes of their decline.

The simple fact is that those who cannot deliver the digital services and experiences expected by today’s increasingly demanding, always-on consumers will lose out. The vast majority of companies recognise digital transformation as a competitive opportunity and, in response, more time and money is being spent on enabling digital initiatives. IT leaders expect 30% of their staff to be engaged in transformation efforts in 2017 according to a new study from Hackett, while 30% of IT processes will be affected by digital initiatives.

However, making digital transformation a reality is rarely plain sailing. New stats from a PointSource Executing Digital Transformation study highlight that many enterprises are facing the same challenges bringing their digital service transformation strategies to life, with an enormous 84% struggling with disparate legacy systems which impact the speed of their digital initiatives.

Overcoming silos: how we’ve helped blue-chip clients


Watch our short video to see how our cloud-based customer interaction platform could help you overcome your digital transformation hurdles.

With years of experience working with a range of large- and medium-scale enterprises, we‘ve seen that the largest businesses usually have the biggest mountain to climb. A common problem seems to be connecting disparate parts of the business, and the Pointsource stats back this up, with 70% of businesses reportedly struggling to overcome organisational silos.

But to address the increasing importance of new messaging channels as a way to interact with customers, and to join the ‘conversational commerce’ revolution, companies need to quickly integrate and orchestrate new customer interactions into processes and workflows. This will enable them to deliver a differentiated experience to customers – and become a truly omnichannel business.

Responding to these challenges and working with our clients’ feedback, we created IMIconnect, a cloud-based platform that enables enterprises to quickly automate customer journeys across channels, while orchestrating those journeys with existing back-end systems.

This makes it easy to rapidly create simple yet powerful ways to interact with customers, while enabling our clients to overcome the barriers and challenges of complex channel integration. There’s no need to rip out or replace existing system infrastructure; instead, the platform helps to bring existing system estates into the world of digital engagement.

For more information on the capabilities of IMIconnect, watch our short video to see how quickly and easily you can start automating customer journeys today.


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