Google brings Business Verification to SMS

Verification to enhance customer trust in SMS messages now also supported by IMImobile.

Written by Alex CambellJanuary 16th 2020

Despite the rise in popularity of newer mobile messaging channels such as RCS, WhatsApp for Business and Apple Business Chat, SMS remains the primary mobile communications channel for most organizations. In fact, industry analyst Mobilesquared predicts that 2.8 trillion A2P SMS messages will be sent by 2022.

While smartphones have evolved significantly over the last 15 years, it is fair to say that the humble SMS hasn’t really changed during that time. The absence of branding remains one of the known limitations of SMS which hinders businesses as they look to improve their customer experience. For today’s security-conscious consumer, being able to tell whether an SMS originated from a real business is becoming even more important in the face of increasingly sophisticated mobile fraud attacks.

The fraud prevention challenge

Businesses typically use short codes to send and receive SMS messages to or from customers – for example, they are particularly popular with banks and payment providers who use them for notifications and identity verification. However, the lack of any real branding means there is the potential for customers to be targeted by a SMS-based phishing attack or as it’s otherwise known, ‘Smishing’.

For financial services providers, such incidents can damage their brand (even if they are an unwitting victim) and quickly erode customer trust if they lose money as a result.

Verified SMS

If businesses are able to do more to verify they are trusted senders, it will significantly improve engagement and trust with customers. Therefore, the announcement from Google that it is bringing business verification to SMS promises to be a gamechanger when it comes to business SMS messaging. Verified SMS by Google will enable businesses to display their brand name and a logo alongside a verification badge when sending SMS to Messages users.

IMImobile has been one of a select number of technology partners working with Google on this initiative, so we are really excited to help bring Verified SMS to market.

Google’s Verified SMS offering presents a number of benefits to businesses:

  • Verifying message authenticity - on a message-by-message basis – without sending message content to Google
  • Minimal integration effort required - just provide your business name, logo and description
  • Improved messaging experience and increased customer trust
  • The business being seen as an innovator

The roll-out is happening gradually across nine countries including the UK, US, India, Mexico, Brazil, France, Philippines, Spain and Canada, with more to come in the future.

If you are looking to learn more about Verified SMS or are getting started using it to enhance your customer communications, visit

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