5 years of being a Vodafone B2B Enabler Platinum Partner

5 years of being a Vodafone B2B Enabler Platinum Partner

Written by Mike TaylorFebruary 23rd 2016

If you are named a Vodafone B2B Platinum Partner, it means that one of the leading mobile network operator groups in the world has absolute trust in your product portfolio and technology. IMImobile has been given the Vodafone B2B Platinum Partner award for the fifth consecutive year.

IMImobile and Vodafone have had a long standing partnership, and we are pleased to be named a Vodafone B2B Platinum Partner again. It is a credit to our products and solutions, and testament to the established relationships with various teams at Vodafone.” says Mike Taylor, Vodafone Account Director at IMImobile.

To become a Platinum Partner a number of requirements must be demonstrated or proven. These include an excellent working relationship, in-depth product and industry knowledge, a secure and robust platform, being able to process hundreds of millions mobile messaging and payment transactions per year, which is ensured through a rigorous audit process. But, most importantly a Platinum Partner must be committed to embracing the latest developments and innovations to drive market leading customer propositions.

Forming part of Vodafone’s B2B value proposition, IMImobile powers a wide range of services, including mobile messaging, m-payments, mobile storefronts, apps, content services and much more.


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