Video presentation - AI and improving the customer experience

Matt Hooper, SVP Global Marketing, presents “AI and improving the customer experience” at the Newgate Redleaf AI Conference.

Written by Sam WatsonAugust 1st 2018

Matt Hooper, SVP of Global Marketing at IMImobile, recently presented at the Newgate Redleaf AI Conference. His talk, AI and improving the customer experience, details how AI is already being used in customer service for both the benefit of the customer and the agent, as well as looking at how attitudes are changing towards the technology.

Here's a breakdown of the video and you can access the presentation slides here:

Ralph Anderson Introduction – 00:09
Matt Hooper, introduction IMI Mobile – 00:25
AI Timeline – 00:55
Forecasts – 02:31
Applications – 03:30
Chatbots – 04:35
What do consumers want? – 05:30
Messaging – 06:44
New communication channels – 09:20
Customer journeys – 10:47
Bringing together AI and assisted customer service – 12:11
Process automation – 15:53
Improving customer experience with AI – 17:20
IMI Mobile – 19:17
Summary – 20:25
Q&A – 21:04

If you would like to connect with Matt to talk about any of the points raised in the presentation or the application of AI technologies to improve customer experience and service, you can contact him on LinkedIn.

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