Infographic: The mobile operator's guide to achieving omnichannel

Who’s lagging behind in omnichannel transformation, and how to get there faster.

Written by Alex KloseMay 23rd 2017

Recent research by Ovum has revealed that telcos across the globe are struggling to achieve omnichannel through their digital transformation efforts. In the UK, for example, 60% of mobile operators describe their digital transformation programmes as in progress, in the early stages or not started. While this is surprising enough, what’s even more surprising is that the UK is the leading country in terms of omnichannel transformation progress according to the data.

But what are the key blockers slowing down progress, and what can telcos do to address to speed up their transformation initiatives?

The infographic below summarises the key points. You can also access the full research by downloading a free copy of the new Ovum white paper, “Orchestrating the omnichannel customer experience: what telcos must do it get it right, and why” produced in collaboration with IMImobile.

Infographic on omnichannel progress amongst telcos across the world

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