MWC 2019: The Future of Operator Messaging - RCS demos

RCS (Rich Communication Services) continues to make a strong case that it should be one of the channels that business turn to when crafting conversational experiences for their customers.

Written by Sam WatsonMarch 7th 2019

Not only did the channel reach a new milestone, with the number of users surpassing 215 million, but it’s predicted that by 2023, consumers will be engaging with brands via RCS on an almost daily basis.

Those businesses who have tested the channel achieved a significant return on investment. We worked with a leading UK fast-food chain to test a marketing campaign on the channel, and the results spoke for themselves – the volume of transactions was 3x higher for RCS customers when compared to SMS. Further success was found by a leading US sandwich chain, that was able to attract 5 million customers to their RCS campaign, enjoying an 85% retention rate, and reporting that their RCS subscribers on Sprint had a 60% higher click rate and a 146% higher intent to purchase than SMS subscribers.

On top of the early use case success and a growing user base, a newly released market report predicts that the RCS market is expected to be worth £38.5 billion by 2023. This is partly due to the GSMA taking necessary steps to address some of the channel’s drawbacks to set it up for future success and mass adoption, such as spreading awareness of the channel through RCS Business Messaging Labs. There was also the release of Universal Profile 2.2, the latest industry-agreed set of technical standards and features which guides the process of RCS’ development, is an essential ingredient to the commercial viability of RCS.

We believe that RCS is a fantastic opportunity for both telcos and businesses, using the channel’s capabilities to send and receive images, videos, and files, as well the use of hot buttons, carousels and rich graphic cards to create immersive interactions where customers could easily browse, interact and pay directly within the messaging channel.

At the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year, the IMImobile team showcased a number of RCS demos at the GSMA Innovation City as part of Google's The Future of Operator Messaging stand, demonstrating the channel’s potential for customer service, marketing, operations, and improving real-time customer interactions. Now that the event is over, we've published the demos so that all can see how RCS can be used to transform customer communications and achieve immediate CX differentiation.

 See how RCS can transform customer communications with the Shell, Barclays, Hermes, DPD, and Sun International demos

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