Why OTT channels are vital to winning the next generation of mobile savvy customers

Why OTT channels are vital to winning the next generation of mobile savvy customers

Written by Adam MaxtedMay 11th 2016

Just like the roll of the dice, the gaming and gambling industry is constantly changing. Our love of digital and mobile has made gambling more accessible to a mass audience.  Smartphones are fuelling fierce competition across the industry. Established gambling operators are battling the new wave of digital and mobile-first companies, which has led to consolidation in the market over recent months. If you don’t deliver the mobile-first experience your customers are expecting, then a competitor is just a swipe away.

In such a competitive environment, winning and retaining customers are top of the priority list. To stay a step ahead, gambling operators need to recognise and react to the shift in consumer behaviour and the need for multichannel digital customer communications. Brand, customer experience, marketing and ease of use, all being variables that impact customer acquisition, retention and customer spend.

A recent study by OFCOM has confirmed what we all knew; people between 18 and 34 overwhelmingly prefer Over-The-Top (OTT) communication channels to traditional channels. The customers of tomorrow won’t be engaged through channels such as email or SMS, but through channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Snapchat. OTT message volumes are already surpassing traditional channels and according to eMarketer, by 2018, mobile users are predicted to send 67 trillion messages through OTT channels.

It is imperative that gambling operators include these OTT channels as part of their multichannel customer communications strategy. And they need to do it quickly. The simple fact is businesses go where their customers are, and in the mobile world they are increasingly being found on OTT channels. So, if you are thinking about engaging over these channels soon, you can bet that your competitors will be too.

We are working with a number of our enterprise clients to help them adopt Facebook Messenger as part of their customer engagement strategy. Our approach to integrating new OTT channels as part of a mobile-first strategy complements existing campaign management platforms and processes. A single unified framework reduces complexity, making it easy to create engaging mobile experiences that secure customer loyalty and increase revenues.

If you would like to talk about how we can help you develop fast, new and innovative ways to integrate OTT messaging channels into your existing services, please contact me at adam.maxted@imimobile.com.

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