Transform CX using the latest interactive messaging channels

Targeted, contextual, two-way customer messaging across mobile and digital channels is now a prerequisite for improving customer engagement experience.

Transform CX and automate customer service with omnichannel business messaging solutions from IMImobile.

With IMImobile business messaging you can support mobile and digital interactions with a single platform approach, simply use our multi-channel messaging API to create, deploy and manage truly omnichannel interactions.

Manage multiple messaging based customer journeys through a single solution which are easy to configure and then adapt in real-time. Add intelligence to your messaging services with the simple configuration of business rules and enable fulfilment with adaptor-based integration into backend systems.

Marketing can go mobile-first to captivate customers on their favourite channels by orchestrating personalised promotions, rewards and experiences. Enable contact centres with real-time agent messaging chat and increase automated resolution using messaging-based, AI-powered chatbots.

Whether turning SMS into a truly interactive customer messaging channel or utilising Facebook Messenger to drive conversational engagement we can help you make the gains you have long been striving for:

  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Appointment reminders and management
  • Fraud alert management
  • Location-based messaging
  • Mobile customer surveys
  • Automated customer processes


Our cloud platform, IMIconnect, is trusted for its reliability, security and scale by some of the worlds’ largest companies. We deliver 42 billion multi-channel messages on behalf of our enterprise clients every year. Contact us today to join them in transforming your CX through omnichannel business messaging.

We are the trusted partner to leading blue-chip clients,
delivering over a billion business-critical mobile messages each month.


Proven enterprise-grade reliability and security

Omnichannel Business Messaging enables you to