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The gateway for better interactions

Easily embed communication channels into your business processes.

  • Send A2P communications at scale
  • Track and monitor performance
  • Deliver richer customer interactions
  • Easily integrate channels into workflows
  • Quickly add new channels using APIs and SDKs

Make every message a richer interaction

Provides enterprises with a range of customer communication channels and capabilities, such as branding and interactive media, to create richer connections with customers.

Embed channels into business processes

With the imiaccess unified API, it's quick and easy to add new channels to existing applications. From SMS, RCS and WhatsApp Business to push notifications, choose the channels your business needs to get started and add more as it grows.

Scale up and keep consumer trust

Automatically scale-up and down based on actual traffic without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. Customer data is protected with robust encryption and ISO 27001 certified procedures.

Create better experiences

Add branding to messages

Branded experiences such as RCS and Verified SMS provide customers with confidence that the sender is a verified business.

Seamlessly migrate conversations

As a conversation progresses, businesses can shift interactions to different channels to suit customer preferences.

Monitor usage and delivery

Provide integrated reporting capabilities to enable businesses to review performance across different channels.

eGuide The messaging-first enterprise

Explore how enterprises must lead with a messaging-first approach, using channels like Apple Business Chat and WhatsApp Business to create conversational experiences that differentiate brands, provide support, and enable frictionless payments.

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Multichannel messaging API

Easily embed communications into your existing applications. Orchestrate interactions across backend systems and reduce developer hours.

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