Call Deflection

Customers still calling? Deflect callers to their favorite messaging channels where AI chatbots, rich media features and proactive communications deliver a brand-defining customer service experience.

Solution benefits

Reduce inbound calls

Make significant savings by deflecting calls to cost-efficient messaging channels.

Increase operational efficiency

Increase contact center efficiency through AI-powered self-service and multi-channel agent chat.

Make customers happier

Improve customer satisfaction through speedy resolution, channel choice and contextual support.

Deflect calls from within your IVR

Don't frustrate customers by keeping them on hold. Give them a choice in how they are served. Craft an IVR journey that lets customers seamlessly transfer to a messaging channel where they can self-serve and chat with agents at their convenience.

Use messaging to create a more efficient contact center

Meet customer expectations for conversational interactions. From traditional SMS to innovative Apple Business Chat, integrate mobile and digital channels into the contact center as their new go-to destination for customer service.

Solve routine inquiries with AI chatbots

Use AI chatbots to provide 24/7 assistance and knowledge to customers. Available across your website and messaging channels, a virtual assistant solves routine inquiries while routing high-priority queries for immediate assistance.

Automate end-to-end customer journeys with ease

Use end-to-end fulfillment to deliver personalized interactions to every customer. From delivery updates to refunds, orchestrate customer journeys that use business data and processes to create contextual customer service experiences.

Use proactive customer service to stop calls before they happen

Show initiative by sending proactive communications to meet customer needs before they call the contact center. Send more than just a notification - use two-way messaging to enable customers to easily respond to gain additional information, submit details or organize a time for an agent to call.

Solution Overview

Intelligent automation

Use end-to-end customer journeys and AI chatbots to enable customers to self-serve for their most common queries.

Orchestrate proactive messaging

Don't wait for customers to call! Keep customers informed through proactive, event-triggered messaging.

Leverage existing technology

Don't let legacy technology hold back you back. Maximise investments by integrating our solutions with your existing vendor landscape.

Why IMImobile?

Assisted and managed services

Don’t have the skills in house? Don't worry, we offer assisted and managed services to help you to bring your solution to market.

Strategic partner

To help you reach your objectives, we offer the flexibility to meet your requirements within our products or by developing a customized solution.


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