Rapidly mobilise and digitise customer journeys.

IMIconnect provides IT and business teams with a platform to easily and quickly integrate voice and messaging communications directly into business applications, processes and web sites.

Easily create new digital and mobile ways to engage customers, automate interactions and transform customer journeys:

  • Trigger mobile alerts or notifications at any point in a business process or application
  • Provide customer services with two-way chat to customers, using SMS and chat messenger
  • Deliver appointment reminders by SMS, app push, or voice with optional confirm or reschedule
  • Use two-factor authentication to verify customer identity
  • Automate surveys with voice or SMS and quickly measure customer opinion or satisfaction
  • Enable customer access to self-service with SMS or apps like Facebook Messenger
  • Send SMS or push messages to a mobile app with logistics updates
  • Add a ‘click to call’ button to your website for customers to request a call back
  • Alert customers to fraudulent account activity and allow instant confirmation

Accelerate digital transformation with cloud communications.

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