Provide quick, convenient support on your customer’s favourite channels

Our Cloud Contact Centre Automation suite allows customers to communicate with businesses as easily as they would their friends and colleagues. Agile two-way channel flexibility removes a digital interaction barrier between your business and customers, along with the ability to enable the right blend of automated and agent-assisted Omnichannel customer services.

Embed omnichannel communication into customer service to seamlessly solve customer queries, pro-actively reach out to them and manage their end-to-end journey. Introduce AI-driven Chatbots, to be an intelligent digital frontline and augment the contact centre, allowing customers to self serve where appropriate and seamlessly handover to an agent with the full context of any prior actions. Create the single omnichannel agent console and intelligently route inbound enquires based on agent skills and priority level to ensure the best possible customer service experience is delivered.

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Digitally transform customer service and support

Our customer service and support solutions are designed to:

• Improve CX through flexible channel engagement to reduce customer effort and quickly resolve queries

• Increase fully-automated interactions to improve operational efficiency

• Deflect enquires to less expensive self-serve channels

• Enable the digital agent to improve KPI performance by maximising new channel capabilities 

• Use proactive engagement to improve customer experience and have more control over your inbound requests

• Reduce the costs of customer service operations

Solutions for overcoming the complexities holding back digital customer service transformation

Easily extend customer support to emerging digital channels

Provide real-time agent support and automated resolution on your customer’s favourite channels.  With two-way capability, engage customers across Apple Business Chat, SMS, email, web, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM and more.

Consolidate channels for your agents on a single omnichannel agent console to support customers in real-time or use our API to easily add new channels to your existing contact centre agent desktop.

Reduce inbound volumes with AI-assisted self-service

Deploy rules-based and NLP powered chatbots to create a new frontline to the contact centre that can greet customers, gather customer details and automate high volume inbound enquiries.

With seamless cross-channel handover, high priority enquiries are identified and then intelligently routed to agents based on skill and capacity to increase first-contact resolution.

Create intelligent communications that reduce inbound call load

Advanced automation capabilities, such as rules-based routing and geofencing, can be quickly weaved into customer journeys to create communications that proactively resolve everyday enquiries.

Meter readings, service disruption updates, appointment reminders, and much more, can be automated to reduce inbound call load and the need for agents to make outbound calls.

Automate proactive resolution

Proactively trigger customer channel engagements from your business systems through our rich integration layer, delivering a seamless end-to-end interaction and reducing the contact centre load.

Meter readings, service disruption updates, appointment reminders, and much more, can be automated to solve enquiries before they happen and reduce the need for agents to make outbound calls.

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