Omnichannel automation and two-way agent chat

Increase the pace of customer service automation by integrating two-way digital and mobile messaging channels alongside your existing contact centre systems. With channels like Facebook Messenger, SMS and Twitter DM acting as a new gateway to the contact centre, AI-assistants and NLP powered chatbots work together to enable self-service. Automate support tasks such as FAQs and increase engagement that proactively reduces inbound calls.

With messaging-based automation, intelligent routing ensures high-priority inquiries are immediately identified and then seamlessly passed to an agent on the same channel. All of this enabled without having to rip-and-replace your existing infrastructure using our cloud orchestration platform, which connects siloed business systems and provides a hub for centrally managing all communication-enabled processes.

Transform the customer service experience by providing quick, convenient automated resolution on the channels customers use every day, integrated seamlessly with voice-based agent support.

Solution components

Our solution enables you to...

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