Conversational Automation

How to make your chatbot strategy a success

A guide to building a chatbot roadmap for your service automation strategy

The liberal use of terms like “AI-powered”, “intelligent” and “neural network based” has somewhat distorted how businesses view the capabilities of chatbots and virtual agents.

Expectations have been heightened resulting in a diluted understanding of the tangible value chatbots are capable of providing to a business right now.

It’s easy to be tempted into rushing into chatbot deployment, potentially resulting in an unclear ROI and negative impact on customer experience journeys.

How can businesses build a sustainable chatbot roadmap for their service automation strategy?

Download our Conversational Automation eGuide for guidance on how to take your first steps in exploring service automation to operationalising a fleet of goal-driven chatbots.

Key insights include:

• What is the real chatbot opportunity and the tangible value they are capable of providing when implemented the right way.

• An overview and breakdown of the different types of chatbots, their capabilities and how a business can utilise them.

• Our recommendations on how businesses can go about establishing their presence in the conversational AI revolution.

Discover how to make your chatbot strategy a success