Accelerate digital transformation and CX innovation

Solutions that accelerate the delivery of digital customer innovation initiatives.

Turning your digital CX into competitive advantage

Every business is looking to harness new digital engagement capabilities for their customers as well as trying to gain a competitive advantage. Progress can be held back by confusion over what digital capability to use and when, an ever-expanding list of new channels or customer scenarios and how to maximise these capabilities alongside your existing business systems.

Easily weave interactive digital communications into business processes, websites, and apps. Engage customers with contextual experiences over two-way digital communication channels. Create digital contact centre interactions which enable your customers to truly engage through their channel of choice with intelligent automation and two-way omnichannel messaging.

Transform CX across the customer lifecycle

Intelligent engagement

Leverage business logic to create contextual experiences that customers love using with a blend of two-way voice and messaging channels.

Proactive customer communications

Proactively reach out to your customers with personalised and contextual engagements. Whether this is service or marketing focused, the end-to-end integration delivers a truly automated and seamless experience.

Automated self-service

Enable AI-powered customer self-service on multiple digital channels using NLP and rule-based decisioning.

Omnichannel agent chat

Enrich customer service by allowing your customers to engage on the digital channel of their choice and your agents to interact through a single omnichannel desktop.

Verification and security

Utilise real-time and historic data to protect your digital services through triggers such as geolocation or Identification and Verification processes.

“IMImobile has been instrumental in helping to deliver our ‘Digital Futures’ programme that prioritises customer experience through investment in innovation and technology. IMIconnect has seamlessly integrated with our existing systems and enabled us to enhance parcel notifications and tracking for our retail clients and their customers.”

Chris Ashworth, Chief Information Officer of Hermes

Instantly integrate new channels and use the latest capabilities

Interact with any customer on their connected devices and channels of choice. With two-way communications capability, engage and automate customer journey communications across, Apple Business Messaging, SMS, email, web, in-app, Facebook Messenger, voice, Twitter DM and more.

Your CX strategy is future-proofed with channels and integrations continually updated and aligned to your customer processes.

Accelerate CX initiatives using visual communications journey mapping

Integrate front-end communications with back-end systems and accelerate the launch of new digital customer communications.

With one-click iteration, changes to flows and processes can be rapidly achieved without infrastructure changes, long coding cycles, or development overhead. Legacy dependencies are minimised with tools for integration, data persistence, business logic and much more.

Use mobile first intelligence to ensure great experiences for customers

Advanced automation and mobile-first capabilities, such as rules-based channel routing and geolocation, can be quickly weaved into communications to create digital journeys that deliver great experience.

Centrally manage all customer communications and ensure compliance

Centrally manage and monitor communications and customer journeys across all channels and systems in a high-performance cloud environment with 99.99% uptime and elastic scalability.

The centralised communications hub advantage makes it easy to automate customer contact policies, monitor all live customer communications, control communication costs, and continuously optimise CX.


A guide to the conversational messaging channels transforming CX

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