Build, integrate and iterate at pace

Digital transformation is simplified with low-code cloud software tools for building the intelligent communications and conversational services that transform CX.

Rapidly embed omnichannel communications into digital processes

We equip businesses with a cloud communications software platform that acts as a central hub for embedding omnichannel communications into digital processes and applications. Channel APIs, flow building tools and enterprise-scale capability come together to simplify the end-to-end development and integration of communications services.

A visual drag and drop flow builder is used to rapidly create communications and weave business logic into customer processes in minutes, easily linking business and channel events to flows and actions. Customer engagement is future-proofed through APIs that gives access to 10+ voice and messaging channels. Centralised communications management of contact policies, service monitoring, costs, and more, through an intelligent control centre.

With our platform, IT can drive innovation to contribute like never before to the bottom line.

Create the intelligent omnichannel communications that improve customer experience

Communications business logic

Make interactive voice and messaging intelligent by leveraging node based controls such as social hour checks and read receipts.

Automated self-service

Enable AI-based customer self-service capability alongside existing enterprise contact centre architecture.

Proactive customer communications

Quickly turn routine communication into proactive customer engagement by embedding contextual triggers and CTAs powered by end-to-end system integrations.

Agent assisted service

Extend contact centre architectures with omnichannel services and routing integrated with your Cloud Contact Centre and CRM systems.

Verification and security

Utilise real-time and historic data, including geo-location for fraud management and ID&V, as triggers for programmable automated alerts and notifications.

IMImobile’s solution has enabled us to close customer experience gaps and facilitate multi-channel customer journeys much faster and easier. What would take us 3 to 6 months of integration and coding effort earlier, can now be achieved in 3 to 6 weeks.

CIO, Leading UK Retail Bank

Lead with a configurable approach to increase IT delivery agility

Technical and business users can leverage a drag-and-drop flow builder to integrate front-end communications with back-end systems to accelerate customer process digitisation. Flows can be triggered in response to a business system or channel event triggers using APIs, webhooks, file drops, event scheduling, backend system events or incoming messages.

With one-click iteration, changes to communication flows can be rapidly achieved without long coding cycles or DevOps overhead. External dependencies are minimised with tools for data persistence, custom logic and much more.

Use mobile first intelligence to ensure great experiences for customers

Advanced automation and mobile-first capabilities, such as rules-based routing, are presented as programmable components (nodes) and modules that can be quickly weaved into communications to ensure a great experience for every customer. A rich library of capabilities ranging from sending a simple SMS to evaluating customer actions and accessing business systems.

Drive digital transformation without replacing existing systems

Flexibly integrate with any backend system over a variety of interfaces, including REST/SOAP APIs, message queues, FTP/sFTP. Once created, these integrations can be reused across flows and quickly integrated into customer journeys. Leverage pre-built integrations with CRM, marketing and contact centre systems.

Central management of channels and integrations allows customer interactions to be designed alongside business processes, delivering true end-to-end digital customer engagement.

Future proof your business with a single API

Interact with any customer in the world on their connected devices using a single at REST API. With two-way capability, automate customer journeys across Apple Business Chat, SMS, email, in-app, Facebook Messenger, voice, RCS (Rich Communication Services) and more.

Centrally manage customer interactions as enterprise-grade services

Centrally manage and monitor communications and customer journeys across all channels and systems as enterprise-grade services in a high-performance cloud environment with 99.99% uptime and elastic scalability.

Enforce regulatory and customer contact policies such as GDPR. Centralised reporting for service health monitoring, controlling communication costs and managing role-based access to the platform.

Case Study

Enabling automated communications and connecting the business systems of a global retailer to create a virtual assistant that automated a third of inbound customer enquires.

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