Enterprise CPaaS

The platform approach to better enterprise communications and real-time omnichannel customer interactions to improve CX.

Enterprise CPaaS explained by IDC

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IT has one of the biggest roles in enabling the communication strategies that will make their company a leader in digital CX. However, it is not a simple task; constantly changing customer behaviour, keeping up with technology trends and dealing with large legacy estates, are just some of the challenges CIOs face. Written by Melissa Fremeijer, Senior Research Analyst at IDC, the report explores all aspects of the Enterprise CPaaS proposition. From the report, you will learn how a cloud communications platform bridges the gap between enterprise communications and customer expectations.

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Hermes used our Enterprise CPaaS platform - IMIconnect - to transform and enhance their parcel notification strategy. Chris Ashworth, CIO at Hermes says “Enterprise CPaaS enables us to enhance parcel notifications and tracking for our retail clients and their customers. We see Enterprise CPaaS as the biggest differentiator in our industry and digital transformation will be crucial to helping us stand out in a competitive landscape.”

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