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The global online gaming market is growing rapidly but margins are being squeezed by competition and barriers to entry are low. Good marketing is essential but it has to be cost-effective. IMImobile has the tools and the reach to deliver multichannel marketing campaigns and customer communication anywhere in the world with enterprise-grade reliability and scalability.

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Global mobile messaging

Deliver timely, relevant information to players and fans virtually anywhere on the planet, supporting your global customer base and future expansion.

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Multichannel marketing

From offers, incentives and VIP rewards to bespoke marketing campaigns. Mobile messaging is the ideal way to win players back to the game.

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Acquisition and retention

Acquire new customers by using social media as a referral and customer advocacy channel.


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Customer experience

Intelligent, personalised and targeted communication is the opposite of annoying, intrusive spam. We help you deliver real-time campaigns and create customer journeys across channels that customers will love.

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Operational efficiency

Roll out new digital customer engagement services faster. Reduce complexity with simple IT integration to streamline business processes.

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Business results

IMImobile helps you deliver increased customer retention, cost-effective customer acquisition and reduced communication service delivery costs.