Every interaction cares

Transform patient interactions, improve efficiencies, and reduce costs using digital channels.

  • Appointment management
  • Video consultations
  • Pre-treatment reminders
  • Patient experience surveys
  • Delivering digital test results
  • Prescription refill reminders

Optimize costs and patient benefits with simple alerts

Appointment booking

Enable patients to book, rebook, and cancel appointments 
using digital channels. Reduce missed appointment rates 
and costs for healthcare providers.

Prescription refill reminders

Deliver simple notifications about prescription refills to patients. Allow them to order or defer the prescription in a self-serve mode.

Proactive alerts

Send automated alerts when the prescription is ready to collect or notify the patient if there have been any delays.

Provide key information with ease

FAQ bots

Provide accurate healthcare information to patients with FAQ bots. Enable patients to self-serve and reduce the number of inbound calls.

Deliver digital test results

Automate the delivery of test results through digital channels that patients use every day. Instant, real-time notifications remove delays often created by postal services and reduce costs for healthcare providers.

Be there across the patient journey

Pre-treatment reminders

Send reminders using digital channels to prepare patients for tests or treatment. Ensure patients follow the correct pre-procedure instructions. Provide directions to the treatment center to avoid delays or no-shows.

Patient experience surveys

Gather instant patient feedback through digital channels to ensure the best patient care. Use digital channels such as SMS, RCS, or patient kiosks to get real-time reports and analysis to review feedback.

Deliver personalized experiences

Video consultations

Allow one-to-one consultations between clinicians and patients using imiassist, a secure and encrypted solution that improves the quality of care. Enable clinicians to send x-rays, treatment information, and screen recordings.

Utilize new communications channels

Create interactive patient experiences with new channels such as RCS and Apple Business Chat. Personalize patient experiences with richer capabilities including buttons, carousels, list pickers, and video.

Video imiassist

See how imiassist can transform the patient experience by offering virtual consultations with clinicians as standard.

Why imimobile?


Our healthcare team has over 20 years of experience in transforming patient interactions. It has worked closely with the NHS in the UK to deliver over 120 million secure patient communications per year.

Security & trust

We take patient confidentiality seriously and manage information based on the ISO-27001 framework that’s trusted by the world’s leading blue-chip organizations.


Our in-house research team is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve patient interactions using the latest channels and technology.

“We have always felt that a significant number of our patients do not actually need to come to the clinic. Clinicians are able to tailor the consultation to patient’s needs, which has resulted in improved clinician satisfaction and hopefully will result in improved patient satisfaction as well.”
Dr. Muhammad Javed Consultant Paediatrician and CCIO Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

Start putting patient interactions first