Every interaction makes customers smile

Redefine the purchase journey with intelligent automation and contextual promotions.

  • Automated order status and refund updates
  • Abandoned cart alerts
  • Personalized offers
  • Proactive disruption management
  • AI-driven self-service
  • Click & collect reminders

Make customer-centric service a reality

AI and automation

Automate order status, refunds, and returns enquiries. Enable customers to modify orders or delivery information with AI-driven chatbots. Seamlessly handover complex enquiries to service agents using digital messaging channels.

Easy self-service

Empower customers to find the answers they need without agent assistance. Deploy FAQ bots and live chat to understand customer intent and help find solutions faster.

Create experiences as unique as your customers

Conversational experiences

Choose from 10+ digital channels to reach customers in the way they prefer. Enrich customer journeys with rich media, suggested actions, quick replies, and carousels.

Personalized shopping

Design and execute targeted marketing campaigns quickly with personalized offers, deals, and discounts. Unlock the potential of interactive push, in-app notifications, and other rich media channels.

Be there throughout the purchase journey

Proactive alerts and notifications

Send proactive payment reminders, delivery information, return updates or refund notifications. Send secure, two-way alerts using digital channels like Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, RCS, and more.

Close the loop

Avoid abandoned carts with real-time in-app or push notifications. Trigger 'click & collect' journeys with automated alerts on customers' preferred channels. Gather customer feedback with interactive automated surveys.

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Why imimobile?


Drive brand loyalty and customer retention with personalized offers, deals, and new arrivals based on customer preferences and data.


Rapidly build cross-sell and upsell journeys using a low-code workflow builder that launches new customer journeys in no time.


Integrate with existing systems such as Magento, Shopify, Salesforce, Freshdesk, and more to create a seamless shopping experience.

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