Personal and contextual marketing that is too good to ignore

Maximise marketing return on investment, get better results and improve customer relationship

  • A single customer view from one easy-to-use interface
  • Multichannel communications at the right moment
  • Fully integrated into your internal processes and systems
  • Targeted, progressive campaigns
  • Learn and adjust with insights from real-time data

Upgrade the way you engage customers

Switch from poorly-integrated and difficult to use systems to joined-up omni-channel campaigns. Replace batch blasts with targeted context-aware interactions. Stop guessing and start using real-time analytics to guide your decisions.

IMIcampaign is an integrated campaign management system built for the mobile world that lets you create, manage, deploy, monitor and adapt all your marketing campaigns, throughout the customer lifecycle.


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Multichannel delivery

Create and manage campaigns across SMS, email, MMS, social media, mobile internet and USSD.

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Campaign automation

Increase engagement with automated follow-ups based on customer behaviour.

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In-flight optimisation

Pause and edit campaigns as required to optimise performance, even in real time, mid-campaign to cost effective IP messaging.

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Rich personalisation

Increase operational efficiency and enhance business processes to create a single customer centric view.

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Real-time insight

Our campaign dashboard gives you the tools you need to track campaign activity in real time.

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Campaign calendar

Use our campaign calendar to coordinate campaigns across multiple teams and departments.

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Single customer view

Synchronise campaign results with existing databases using file exports or secure API integration.

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Audience segmentation

Refine your audience selection and segmentation to deliver targeted messages with our query builder tool.

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In-depth reporting

Access detailed reports to analyse campaign performance such as P&L revenue attribution.



Reduced complexity

Access multiple campaign tools from a single, integrated system that integrates with your existing databases and systems.

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Increased ROI

Increase the return on your time and marketing spend by getting more opens, clicks and responses from your campaigns.

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Faster innovation

Deploy new mobile-first capabilities, such as location-aware messaging, and new channels without custom development.

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Find out how to engage and delight customers from their very first touch-point with your company, using multichannel campaigns with personalised, interactive messages and offers.

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