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IMIchat is a cloud application built for Contact Centres to enable customer service agents to easily have live two-way conversations with customers across SMS, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Web and Email, working alongside existing voice channels.

What makes IMIchat so effective is that it provides a single conversational view across all communication channels in one place. Leading businesses, BPO’s and Contact Centre Solution Providers are using IMIchat today to increase agent productivity, reduce inbound Contact Centre traffic, and differentiate their customer service experience.

“IMIchat has all the benefits of web chat, but optimised for channels readily available on a mobile device. It’s perfect for customers on the move, or in situations where voice calls would be intrusive or impractical.”

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Improve satisfaction

• Multichannels (SMS, Email, FB Messenger, Twitter & Web Chat)
• Intelligent conversation routing
• Threaded chat views
• Simultaneous chat
• Templates, filters & reports
• Real-time dashboards

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