Quickly digitise business processes and service delivery

IMIconnect is a cloud-based platform that lets enterprises add and integrate multi-channel voice and messaging capabilities into their existing apps, websites and business processes. Enterprise developers use our API and visual work flow builder to rapidly add SMS, Facebook Messenger, voice, social and other chat applications to any customer journey. IMIconnect makes it easy to rapidly create simple, powerful, ways to interact with customers. For example:

  • Embed two-way communications into existing smartphone apps
  • Use two-factor authentication via SMS or Facebook Messenger to verify customer identity
  • Automate self-care functionality through messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger or WeChat
  • Add a ‘click to call’ button to your website
  • Integrate SMS or Facebook Messenger confirmations into a purchase
  • Receive incoming SMS or Facebook messages that update a business process
  • Let customer services support customers via social media or chat messenger
  • Send instantaneous messages to a mobile app with delivery updates
  • Alert customers to fraudulent account activity
  • Let retail customers know that they have items waiting in their shopping basket

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Multi-channel communications

Multi-channel ready straight out of the box. Use a single REST API to integrate SMS, MMS, email, voice, social, OTT, or real-time messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger or WeChat into business processes and apps.

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Visual workflow builder

Use drag and drop to rapidly create voice and messaging workflows. Use powerful logic and triggers to automate interactions between customers and your business.

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Communication Services

IMIconnect is ideal for enterprise operations teams who can create and manage communications as complete services, rather than as a collection of APIs or channels.

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Operations dashboard

The operations dashboard delivers a single point for managing all communication services. Instantly see lifecycle status and access service, channel or platform metrics.

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Enterprise grade

From low-latency high-throughput messaging to industry-standard security and encryption, everything about IMIconnect is enterprise grade.

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Cloud or On-premises

We deliver a cloud communications platform. No hardware to buy, or infrastructure to manage. Everything you need is instantly available. On-premises installation is an option.


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Better customer experience

Use communication channels such as messaging and social to create better customer journeys. Engage with customers more effectively at the right point.

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Faster development

With a low-code approach to development, IMIconnect helps you rapidly create communications-enabled solutions, and accelerates your shift to digital and mobile.

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Reduce cost to serve

Reduce cost-to-serve by simplifying business processes and customer interactions. Substitute manual processes with voice and messaging solutions that customers love to use.

We process more than one billion transactions every day for more than 100 blue chip clients in 60 countries.



IMIconnect benefits leading corporate enterprises by digitising their core customers journeys and improving the customer experience.

Download the IMIconnect overview sheet to find out how we can help you accelerate the integration of messaging and voice communications into your business process workflows, apps and web sites.

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