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The smartphone now sits at the centre of consumer lives and with increased mobile network speed customers are now able to download or stream music and video content directly to their smartphone.

Mobile operators and content owners are in a unique position to become the go-to destination for entertainment and educational consumer services. By including music and video content services into their consumer offering, service providers can drastically strengthen customer loyalty and secure additional revenue streams.

IMIdigital is a platform that provides the infrastructure and tools for the end-to-end management and deployment of mobile content services across multiple touchpoints and devices, including smartphones and feature phones. At its heart sits our carrier class Content Management System (CMS) which powers thousands of content services around the world.

To help reduce the time to market, IMImobile offers an end-to-end service delivery platform including content licensing from over 500 content partners, web-portal and app development, as well as a fully managed service with best in class service management.

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Content partner management

Leverage our international content partnerships. With over 500 content partners, you will gain instant access to audio, music, video and other types of content.

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Content lifecycle management

IMIdigital covers every aspect of deploying content services, including ingestion, moderation, publishing, monetisation, partner reporting and settlement.

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Dynamic rendering

A dynamic rendering engine powers automated and dynamic content adaption across more than 10,000 smartphones, tablets and connected devices.

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Monetisation models

Choose a payment model that matches your strategy and objectives, e.g. pay per download, subscriptions, content bundles, etc.

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Content types

IMIdigital supports multiple content types (music, videos, games, etc.), formats and delivery models, including downloads, browsing and streaming.

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Content marketing

Drive discoverability and content downloads with in-built content marketing tools that enable the creation of bundles and subscription packs, release and expiry dates, keywords and categories.

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Inbuilt analytics and reporting tools provide insight into subscriber behaviour and revenues generated by different content categories.

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Recommendation Engine

Data driven content recommendation based on user behaviour and previous interaction to increase content purchases.

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Portal and Device Management

Providing content portals for multiple mobile channels, including Apps, SMS, USSD, Web and WAP across more than 10,000 devices and handsets.

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Subscription Manager

Create, manage and deploy multiple subscription services to increase revenue generation from popular content categories.

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Service Management

Use a central console for the creation, management and activation of all live services. User rights management allows for 3rd party service provider access.

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Customer Care

Integrated Customer Care platform that allows users to manage and record customer service enquiries and content refunds.



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Reduce time to market

The combination of the accessibility of IMIdigital platform and our relationships with more than 500 leading content partners ensures the rapid development and delivery of content services.

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New revenue streams

Tap into the mobile user's hunger for mobile content to drive revenue generation. Choose a payment model that best suits your customer base and strategy to maximise average user spend.

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Secure service popularity

Optimise content marketing strategies to ensure that
services are at the forefront of customer minds, helping to build service loyalty and customer base size.



Find out how IMIdigital powers more than 350 international content services and over 14 billion content transactions across the globe.

Download the product sheet and find out why clients such as Universal Music Group, Airtel, Aircel, MTN and Orange trust IMIdigital to deliver best-in-class content experiences to more than 500 millions mobile subscribers.

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