Enterprise-grade customer service automation with IMIbot.ai

Chatbots are set to become one of the foremost competitive and customer experience differentiators for enterprises, making them a must-invest for 2017 and beyond. IMIbot.ai is single solution, providing all you need to transform how you engage, serve and sell to your customers.

IMIbot.ai is an end-to-end solution built for the creation of chatbots at the enterprise level. The solution brings together the integrations, capabilities and tools to equip your business with a menu or NLP-driven chatbot that engages customers across multiple messaging channels.

Delivered as a fully managed service through our cloud infrastructure, IMIbot.ai offers the quickest and most secure route to implementing chatbots which easily integrate with existing systems, processes and services.

Here are a few use cases where IMIbot.ai already delivers operational benefits:

Sales & Marketing Associate – Send highly targeted push notifications about products, services, events, upsells, coupons and rewards.

Contact Centre Gatekeeper – Improve the customer service experience and meet KPIs such as response times by having a chabot handle simple enquiries while letting your agents handle more complex customer enquiries

Order & Returns Tracker – Provide a new level of convenience to your customers by allowing them to manage their orders through chat.


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Automate your CX in 2018

Find out how you could quickly start deploying enterprise-grade chatbots to transform your omnichannel customer engagement strategy, providing value to your customers and business through artificial intelligence.

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