• APIs for everything

    About our APIs

    IMIconnect offers powerful, easy-to-integrate REST APIs for end-to-end automation of complex multichannel customer journeys.

  • APIs for everything

    Messaging APIs

    Our messaging APIs make it easy for you to embed multichannel messaging into your existing systems and launch innovative new customer journeys across channels.

  • APIs for everything

    Profile APIs

    Use to create, access and modify customer profiles, which could include device or channel data, opt-in or consent data, and the customer’s content and channel preferences.

  • APIs for everything

    Event APIs

    Use our event APIs to trigger actions and flows when external business or customer-initiated events occur. With flexible integration between systems, you can easily build complex flows around specific lifecycle or critical events.

  • Seamless access to voice, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, push messaging, in-app messaging, email and other social, OTT channels with API and protocol updates automatically managed for you.

  • Quickly test ideas, journeys and communications risk-free using HTTPS REST API calls in our safe sandbox environment.

  • Rapidly create and modify multichannel workflows with powerful logic, re-usable flows and blocks –  and simple integration into existing processes and systems.

  • Our single HTTPS REST API allows you to intelligently route messages based on cost, urgency or customer availability and preferences.

  • One secure portal with central monitoring, traceability and compliance through read and delivery receipts, and encrypted two-way chat – we have all sides covered.

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  • How the platform works

    Service management

    Single view of all communication-enabled business processes.

    Enterprise-grade controls & user management.

    Access to best-in-class technical support.

  • How the platform works

    Flows and integration

    Easily handle business & channel events and link them to flows and actions.

    Lightweight integrations with business systems over available interfaces.

    Configure (not code) customer journeys & logic via rules and flows.

  • How the platform works

    Channel management

    Single REST API for all channels – a gateway to any connected customer.

    Insulate business systems from underlying channel complexities.

    Future-proof: flexibility to add new channels and interaction models.

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