Two-Factor Authentication adds a second layer of security, by utilising dynamically generated One-Time Passwords (OTPs), to confirm the customers’ identity.

With IMIconnect you can:

  • Leverage global SMS and voice connectivity to verify access requests.
  • Send OTP messages in multiple languages.
  • Get secure, real-time access to key reports and usage stats for each channel.


Available as a secure cloud-based service, IMIconnect’s Two-Factor Authentication can be quickly integrated with existing websites, apps and services to facilitate fast, secure, and effective customer authentication.

Key Capabilities

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Retrial threshold

Specify a maximum number of permitted incorrect entries within a certain time period to prevent bot-driven illegal access attempts.

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Time limited OTP

Restrict the validity period of OTPs to prevent un-authorised usage.


Intelligent routing & fallback

Share OTPs over multiple communication channels and use intelligent fallback to SMS and voice as and when needed.

Key Benefits

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Strengthen security

Authenticate customer identity by adding a second layer of security over primary account passwords.

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Avoid brand & financial damage

Prevent incidents of identity thefts, reduce fraud and safeguard customers’ accounts & data.

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Reduce security costs

Use software-based OTP authentication mechanism, to reduce security costs


Download our Two-Factor Authentication datasheet to find out how we can help you safeguard your customers and business applications against identity theft.