Drive content revenues through data-driven analytics

Understanding which content is popular within your customer base and spotting behavioural trends early is crucial to maintaining and driving content revenues. IMIdigital has sophisticated inbuilt analytics and reporting tools that provide insight into subscriber behaviour and revenues generated by different content categories.

As standard, IMIdigital provides you with the following pre-defined reports:

  • Content downloads per category
  • Cumulative reports on content downloads
  • Downloads per content partner (incl. revenue share)
  • Revenue generated per category or service
  • Content download patterns
  • Customer behaviour analytics
  • Service or application usage


In addition to our standardised reports you also have the capability to easily create customised reports and set up your service and reporting dashboards.

With analytics provided in IMIdigital you will have the intelligence needed to make the right business decisions on which content and content partner is generating the most profitable revenue for your content services.