We guarantee a best-in-class content UX on any device

With over 15 years’ experience of delivering over 350 content services globally, IMIdigital is the market leading platform to manage and deliver the right content to any device at any time.

To ensure optimal content and portal rendering we maintain a proprietary handset database with 10,000s of devices including the associated device attributes. Each device in our database is identified with the unique UA name and version number providing detailed information about the device including:

  • Model – The device model name as released by the device vendor
  • Manufacturer – The name of the device vendor
  • UA Profile – This is the URI of the device vendor’s published specifications
  • Screen size – The screen size of the device measured in pixels
  • Content support – device specific image, audio and video information


Furthermore, the individual devices can be grouped under common characteristics to enable our Content Engine to dynamically render content adapted for the best display on the given device.

Our UX experts, can help design and deliver the optimal user experience that will differentiate your service in your market.