Manage all your content services from one platform

With IMIdigital you can manage all aspects of your content service via one centralised platform. To make it as easy as possible to create, manage and launch new services we have defined a number of dedicated user modules that allow you to assign user roles and responsibilities across your team as well as external partners.

Basic user roles supported by IMIdigital include:

  • Administrator – the administrator has ultimate control across all configurations and management of the platform.
  • Content Partner – allows you to provide your content partners with secure access to directly upload content for new services as well as access and download content usage reports.
  • Moderator / Reviewer – provides individual members of your content team with permissions to moderate and approve content service before they get published.
  • Service & Portal Manager – allows you or the provider of the content service to create, manage and publish content, create content bundles, assign pricing or build content marketing landing pages for marketing promotions.
  • Customer Care – makes it easy for your customer care agents to query transactions made by a customer, pause and stop subscription services or re-push content upon request.


With our IMIdigital platform you will be able to manage the entire content service lifecycle, from service definition, service activation, pricing strategy, management of subscription services, through to the content marketing promotions to increase revenue growth initiatives.