Create a connected supply chain that improves efficiency and experience on both sides of the parcel delivery journey

With IMImobile, you gain a centralised hub for delivering two-way communications across 10+ channels

Deliver an innovative brand experience on behalf of retail clients

Advanced automation and mobile-first capabilities, such as digital signatures and geofencing, can be weaved into customer communications to create an innovative brand experience that retail clients welcome as part of their own.

Read about our project with Hermes, who are using IMIconnect to power millions of delivery notifications every month that use geofencing and rich-media to transform the delivery experience.


Deliver two-way proactive communications

Embed two-way omnichannel communications into apps, business systems and other touchpoints across the supply chain. Personalised delivery updates, real-time courier tracking, disruption notifications, and more, can be turned into automated processes that improve experience and logistical efficiencies.

Download our case study to learn how a UK delivery company reduced customer ‘no shows’ by automating the delivery of over 800,000 personalised multi-channel notifications every month.


End-to-end customer service automation

Through a blend of NLP and rule-based decisioning, enable customers to self-serve on their favourite digital and mobile channels. Deflect calls to digital channels, automating high volume inbound enquiries and routine outbound communications, to reduce operational expenditure.

Download our customer success story to learn how a virtual assistant helped a global home furniture retailer to double the number of customer enquiries handled by the contact centre.


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