Solve the customer experience trilemma

How ease of resolution, rapport, and relevant communications can transform customer loyalty—and your bottom line.

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Brands that want to deliver the best customer experiences need to focus on delivering rapid resolution, building rapport, and driving relevant experiences at every stage of the customer journey. 

To solve the CX trilemma you have to excel in all three areas to deliver a comprehensive journey that offers every customer the experience they want.

Statistics on this page and report are from primary research commissioned by imimobile. 

CX is a boardroom-level issue

We spoke to over 2,000 consumers to understand what’s most important to them in their experiences with different brands. And we found that it’s not enough to do one thing well: businesses need to excel in every element of the CX trilemma to truly keep customers coming back. Our research reviewed how customers feel about the way businesses interact with them – looking at the channels used, consumer preferences, and common challenges consumers face.

However, one point came through very clearly across all the answers consumers gave us: great customer experiences aren’t just nice to have; they’re crucial for businesses looking to thrive and grow. We discovered that 75% of consumers see good customer service as a reason to be a repeat customer with a business—making it just as important a factor as price (76%). Businesses can't ignore this shift in consumer demand, and CX transformation initiatives need to become a boardroom-level discussion. Businesses need to act now by embracing the three areas of the CX trilemma - Resolution, Rapport, and Relevance.


The 4 cornerstones of CX success

  • Consumers want simple, consistent, fast, and convenient resolutions to their queries.

  • 75% of consumers say they'd definitely return to a company in the future if it resolved their issues promptly. 

  • For ease of use,  82% of consumers prefer live chat or email whereas for speed 51% prefer video chat and 46% prefer to use messaging apps. 


Creating the emotional connection

  • The rapport and empathy between a business and its customers can make or break their experience. 

  • 64% say 'having to repeat information to different teams and people' can lead to a poor customer experience.

  • After a bad experience, 64% of consumers stop buying products/services from that brand, and 51% say they complain to the company and seek compensation.


Communicate the way customers want

  • 67% of consumers say relevant communications (recognizing previous interactions and preferences) are important to them.

  • We found that consumer preferences for one-way or two-way communications changed dependent on the situation.  

  • Consumers want personalized experiences but 75% worry about how much personal data they share with a business.