Making omnichannel a reality: a practical guide

A guide to conversational messaging channels

How to get omnichannel quick wins without replacing existing systems

In recent years, customers have become ever more demanding in terms of how brands interact with them. They want answers (and products) faster, and they expect companies to know who they are and be on hand to help anytime, anywhere – including on their favourite messaging channels.

The problem a lot of enterprises face is that their existing contact centre infrastructure is poorly equipped to make this omnichannel customer service happen, with systems unable to properly integrate with each other.

Our new guide explores these challenges and offers some practical solutions that can enable companies to start making omnichannel a reality within weeks rather than years.

Key insights include:

• How to get quick wins that move your company from a multichannel environment to a connected, omnichannel one without replacing your existing technology.

• How to keep up with the dizzying pace of change and respond to evolving customer behaviour.

• The business benefits of adopting future-proofed omnichannel technology.