Mobile messaging, a smarter way to engage your customers

Mobile messaging is a powerful, direct and immediate way to reach, engage and interact with your customers. IMImobile’s messaging solutions provide the technology and tools to weave mobile messaging into your customer journeys.

However you want to use mobile messaging, whether to send marketing messages, text reminders, appointment confirmations, we can help. We offer easy to integrate international mobile messaging, push notifications, real-time messaging, and alerts that allow you to deliver a better, more personalised experience.

Higher visibility, superior reach & better results.

We are the trusted partner to leading blue-chip clients,
delivering over a billion business-critical mobile messages each month.

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Solution overview

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Global messaging reach

We provide international messaging through the world’s leading mobile operators to deliver low latency and maximum reach.

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Real-time messaging

We provide the tools and technology to enable real-time messaging to be easily embedded into apps and websites.

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Trigger-based messaging

Automate mobile messaging with triggers based upon customer behavior, business process events, location and more.

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Access detailed reports to analyse message delivery, throughput performance and service availability.


Simple integration

Use our simple APIs and cloud platform to quickly integrate, build and deploy services.

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Enterprise-grade platform

With 99.9% up-time, we provide reliable, secure and stable messaging and routing for mission critical services.


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Better customer experience

Improve customer experience with mobile messaging orchestrated at the perfect in any customer journey.

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Tangible business results

Use mobile messaging to increase customer satisfaction, improve retention and reduce costs.

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Operational efficiency

Use messaging to automate customer interactions and to improve efficiency of processes.