Orchestrating omnichannel digital engagement

Build deeper, more personal and profitable relationships with customers by intelligently connecting with them through their favorite channels with personalised and contextual interactions. Strengthen ROI across the customer lifecycle with digital solutions tailored to help you acquire new customers, increase automation, improve service delivery, reduce churn, and build new revenue streams.

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Customer-focused digital engagement

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Customer acquisition

Out of the box innovative marketing campaigns, targeted promotions and tailored customer loyalty and retention programs using our multi-channel enablement tools and solutions.

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Marketing automation

Automate campaigns, email marketing, and repetitive tasks with multi-channel marketing tools. Benefit from IMImobile’s experience as an award-winning mobile-first campaign management service provider.

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Customer service automation

Enhance customer service and experience with increased first-contact resolution rates and greater contact center productivity. Deploy AI-powered chatbots that benefit customers and the business.

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Digital content delivery

Turn digital assets into revenue streams with management of mobile content, music and video streaming services through BOTs, digital and social channels. Build an app store, then use innovative charging models and mobile wallets to increase in-app purchases.

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Intelligent messaging solutions

Increase the reach of your enterprise customer communications using our bulk messaging platform as a white label service. Send, receive and manage RCS supported bulk SMS easily.

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Effortless call management

Enable your enterprise customers to adopt a cloud-based business communication solution accessible anytime anywhere through SIP-based holistic IP PBX solutions for fixed and mobile devices.

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Regulatory compliance management

Address regulatory compliance requirements with powerful consent management solutions for different regulations and standards like GDPR, GSMA and ETSI.


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Customer experience

Enrich customer journeys and accelerate time to market through marketing automation tools and flexible customer enablement solutions.

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Operational efficiency

Reduce complexity with simple IT integration to streamline business processes and accelerate the roll out of new digital customer engagement services.

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Reduced churn

Identify key triggers of customer churn then engage high-risk customers at key moments with automated marketing campaigns to reaffirm loyalty.

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Business Results

Digital engagement solutions designed to help increase customer retention, drive cost-effective customer acquisition and reduce communication service delivery costs.