SMS is a cost-effective, direct and immediate way to reach and interact with your customers.

Still one of the most ubiquitous messaging channels, it allows you to deliver relevant alerts, communications and notifications to any mobile device.

We make it easy for you to deploy high-volume, high-throughput SMS campaigns, and proactively engage customers throughout their journey.

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Single API integration

Our REST API offers easy integration, meaning lower development costs and faster deployment.


Multi-lingual messages

Unicode SMS messaging allows you to easily send and receive messages in regional and local languages.


Delivery receipt information

We provide delivery receipts for all sent messages through webhooks, log exports, or dashboards and reports.


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Global reach

Our coverage and interactive message capability in 85+ countries provides maximum reach so you can interact with customers wherever they are.

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Improved deliverability

Our direct integrations with leading mobile operators and trusted aggregators mean measurably better delivery rates and transparent reporting.

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Fast SMS delivery

Our SMPP protocol support allows you to send bulk SMS campaigns securely to your customers - ideal for alerts and sales promotions.

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Use cases

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Order & shipping alerts

Keep customers up-to-date on the shipping, dispatch and delivery of orders with real-time alerts and notifications.

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Appointment reminders

Send automated appointment reminders to boost attendance rates and avoid costly no-shows.

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Two-factor authentication

Confirm and protect customer identities by sending dynamic one-time passwords over SMS.