A unified platform for voice services

IMImobile’s voice solutions allow you to create, deploy and manage voice and voice-based services. We handle over 2 billion calls and 18 billion voice-based content deliveries every year from a unified carrier-grade platform. You can use voice capabilities such as interactive voice response (IVR) to increase revenue, improve operational efficiency and deliver a better customer experience.

Quickly deploy voice-based solutions to connect with your customers.

Find out how IMImobile can help you improve customer communication, engagement and satisfaction.


Solution overview

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Inbound and outbound

Quickly build inbound and outbound voice applications with speech and touch tone (DTMF).


Call-flow designer

Easily design and publish multi-lingual IVR and content-based call flows without long development and deployment cycles.

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Speech recognition

Deploy IVR services that automatically detect and adjust at the language and dialect level.

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Ring back tones (RBT)

Generate revenue by reselling our portfolio of ring back tones from over 500 content partners.

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Live audio streaming

Offer customers live audio streams as well as pre-recorded and subscription content.

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Carrier-grade voice platform

Reliable and scaleable voice solutions with real-time status reports and a web-based user interface.


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Accelerate time to market

Graphical tools and workflow designers help you accelerate the launch of new voice-based services.

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Increase revenues

Choose from a number of monetisation solutions to charge for IVR services.

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Highly scalable platform

Benefit from a carrier-grade voice platform already handling over 2 billion calls and 18 billion content deliveries every year.