Communication on Progress

Time period covered by the COP: September 2015 – September 2016

Written by Alex KloseSeptember 6th 2016



Statement of continued support by the Chief Executive Officer

1st September 2016

To our stakeholders:

I am pleased to confirm that IMImobile reaffirms its support of the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact in the areas of Human Rights, Labour, Environment, and Anti-Corruption.

In this annual Communication on Progress, we describe our actions to continually improve the integration of the Global Compact and its principles into our business strategy, culture and daily operations. We also commit to sharing this information with our stakeholders using our primary channels of communication.

Sincerely yours,

Jay Patel


Human Rights 

Assessment, policy, and goals

IMImobile actively supports the Universal Declaration of Human rights. We refuse to engage with third parties or suppliers who are known to disregard the standards set out within this declaration. We are mindful of the territories that we work in and ensure that we have evaluated potential partners and ensured that they are not engaged in unethical practices. IMImobile’s policies cover equality and dignity in the workplace and adherence to consistently high standards across our group, exceeding requirements stipulated by local legislation in many locations. All stakeholders, including employees, are frequently made aware of their responsibilities in ensuring our commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human rights is upheld. Over the coming year, IMImobile plans to continue its diligent approach to business operations relating to human rights issues, reinforce this commitment in our recruitment and selection processes and via our internal company values.


IMImobile annually reviews and updates our policy guidelines to ensure that internal processes and wider policies are legislatively sound and ’fit-for-purpose’ within the dynamic business environments in which we operate. We have recently implemented an anonymised online feedback tool, directly to the CEO via which employees are encouraged to provide concerns around a variety of business issues. We have received a significant and constructive response and as a consequence have undertaken several initiatives which will result in an improved working environment for employees across our group.

The auditable distribution of our group and local policies and practices is always accompanied by an invitation to discuss or provide feedback from each employee in the group.

Measurement of outcomes

During annual industry standard and HR audits, it was determined that IMImobile is taking all necessary measures to adequately comply with the standards around human rights matters. We are pleased to confirm that no grievances or disciplinary measures have been taken with regard to this matter. Our intention is to keep a focus on our commitment to the overarching human rights expectations within our industry and the UN Global Compact.


Assessment, policy, and goals

IMImobile upholds a strong ethos of working only with partners who themselves are committed to observing fair labour practices who reject all forms of forced and child labour.

IMImobile employees are all issued with an employment contract and employee handbook which detail the company regulations on working hours, pay and time off.

IMImobile operates on a global footprint and throughout selection processes, for our suppliers, it is important that demonstrable fair labour practices are exhibited.


Our internal policy guidelines outline the expected standards relating to labour and employment regulation in each of the jurisdictions in which we operate. An online anonymous feedback tool, as well as a whistle-blowing procedure is in place which allows candid feedback from all employees. Our employee handbook includes policies covering CSR, discrimination, equality and diversity as well as bullying and harassment. IMImobile prides itself on employment practices that never discriminate on the basis of, race, age, gender, disability, nationality or religion. All employees are welcome to become members of a trade union (or regional equivalent) and they, nor their representatives are treated with any form of discrimination.

Measurement of outcomes

We value our multicultural, global workforce and believe that the diversity in our employee base presents a competitive advantage for the business. We have had no legislative action taken against us regarding contravention of the labour principles set out in the UN Global Compact. In addition, within the last year, IMImobile has enhanced its annual leave, maternity, and paternity packages. We have also standardised working days for our employees in all regions who are not required to work on fixed shift patterns. We will continually explore ways that we can enhance our support to the labour principles and work to improve current processes in all offices.


Assessment, policy, and goals

As a global business, we are very aware of the environmental impact that our operations have. We minimise both national and international travel through the increased use of technology and try to encourage staff to be considerate of the environment, including car-pooling initiatives.

Within our offices, we actively encourage recycling, re-use of equipment and minimising energy usage. This is underpinned and supported by an environmental policy and guidelines on best practice. We continue to increase awareness of the importance of environmentally friendly operations and hold frequent reviews on suppliers and day to day office management. We hope to achieve 75% of all office sundries either made from or delivered considering recycled/eco-friendly methods.


During the on-boarding process, all IMImobile employees are trained on expected standards for recycling and energy usage. We work closely with our facilities management in our serviced office buildings to maintain and contribute to a viable office environment, including energy saving lighting and sensible use of air conditioning. There are frequent tests during health and safety audits in our major offices to check on water quality etc.

Measurement of outcomes

IMImobile is pleased to confirm that we have not had any incidents arise relating to environmental issues, nor any legislative claims or issues from staff. Health & Safety compliance and issues are reported to the board during quarterly board meetings. The company only engages with credible and licensed third parties for the disposal and destruction of equipment and documentation.


Assessment, policy, and goals

IMImobile policy guidelines include a policy of anti-bribery and corruption. All employees are provided an overview of the expected standard at the time of on-boarding and all client-facing employees, including senior management and sales staff are asked to re-acknowledge the policy at the time of the document renewal on an annual basis. The HR and Senior Management teams are available to support employees through situations where there is ever any uncertainty around an inappropriate or questionable situation. Over the next 12 months, it is our intention to regularise and formalise the training for all staff members around anti-bribery and corruption within the business.


Currently, the policy and expectations are highlighted only at the beginning of an employee’s career and followed up specifically with certain functions within the business. The culture at IMImobile manifests itself such as employees can communicate freely with their local HR department of senior manager should they have any concerns regarding this matter. Mike Jefferies, Group Finance Director is ultimately responsible for anti-bribery across the group.

Measurement of outcomes

The authorisation of employee expenses and entertaining is controlled through robust processes involving line management and independent financial sign-off. There have been no issues regarding bribery and we hope to continue in this vein over the coming 12 months.


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