Creating the Digital Contact Centre - overcoming digital customer engagement challenges

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Written by Alex KloseJanuary 22nd 2017

Creating the Digital Contact Centre - overcoming digital customer engagement challenges.

By 2017 contact centres will have to manage customers across 9 different contact channels. And with customer experience (CX) now the number one competitive differentiator to drive revenue growth this white paper looks into the trends, challenges and opportunities that surround the concept of the Digital Contact Centre. Using a combination of the latest research, examples from best-practice organisations, and our own experience of working with blue-chip enterprises, the white paper looks at:

  • The key drivers and challenges of digital customer engagement.
  • How to assess the different digital and mobile channels on offer to Contact Centres.
  • What’s needed to start introducing new mobile and digital channels in Contact Centre operations.
  • Technology approaches and options accounting for existing infrastructure and systems.
  • Recommendations on how to move fast enough to respond to the needs of the digital customer.

Alex Klose, Head of Marketing at IMImobile said: “We are excited to launch the White Paper today and hope it provides a better understanding of how Contact Centres can use digital and mobile contact channels to improve the customer service experience, increase operational performance and ultimately increase revenue streams.”

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