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IMImobile: Go mobile, get closer to your customer

Written by Alex KloseMarch 31st 2016

In recent years, the traditional customer engagement model has witnessed a paradigm shift. From the customary approach of bombarding customers with one way messages, to enabling two-way communication, marketers are leaving no stone unturned to get in the good books of their customers. Today, with a growing number of smartphone users across the world, marketers are now trying to figure out how to engage with customers through mobile devices and address their personalised needs in better ways.

While businesses know 'what mobile can enable', what they don't know well is 'how to enable mobile'. This is where, IMImobile, a UK based company helps organisations of all sizes and sectors to maximise the potential of mobile technologies to improve customer engagement. With its `Mobile First' approach, IMImobile removes the barriers and complexities of the digital and mobile ecosystem, enabling the creation and deployment of mobile-led customer engagement solutions. IMImobile provides software and services that help organisations improve customer experience, simplify business processes and enhance operational efficiency. According to a recent report by Counterpoint Research, India has become the second-largest smartphone market in terms of active unique smartphone users, crossing 220 million users, surpassing the US market. Expressing hopes on the growing penetration of mobile devices and broadband coverage across the globe, Jay Patel, Chief Executive Officer at IMImobile, says, "The growing usage of smartphones has opened up new channels to reach out to customers via voice, emails, SMS, web chats, social media channels, mobile apps and more. The smartphone has been influencing consumer behaviour in significant ways and we believe that mobile will remain at the heart of customer engagement strategies for years to come."

IMImobile, From the Inception

Vish Alluri and Shyam Bhat, the founders of IMImobile, long ago realised the potential of mobile, mobile data services and the significant role that mobile can play as a communication channel. From the company's inception in 2000, they embarked on a journey to develop capabilities, solutions, expertise and intellectual property in the domain of customer engagement, in order to help organisations unlock the possibilities and potential that mobile can provide.

Now headquartered in London with offices in Hyderabad, Atlanta, Dubai and Johannesburg, IMImobile has today emerged as a leading provider of mobile engagement software and services with deployments in 60 countries, processing billions of digital customer touch points per month. Housing a team of over 700 employees worldwide, IMImobile is quoted on the London Stock Exchange's AIM market with the TIDM code IMO. With a strong year-on-year growth, IMImobile has grown into a trusted vendor for blue-chip businesses around the world and has helped many organisations reduce the cost and complexity of mobile and digital service delivery to improve customer journeys and experience.


At the centre of IMImobile's multichannel customer engagement solutions is IMIcampaign, which allows marketers to create, manage, deploy, monitor and adapt all their marketing campaigns throughout the customer lifecycle, and enable them to yield better results and customer relationships. The solution helps organisations in delivering personalised campaigns across multiple mobile, digital, and social channels from one single interface. It helps clients deliver rich, personalised, and relevant messages across a multitude of channels, while also enabling two-way interaction between businesses and customers. Providing users with a single customer view, IMIcampaign helps clients to centralise, organise and verify data from across different areas of business. From this fully integrated system, users can co-ordinate their campaigns across multiple teams and departments, gain in-depth insights into campaign performance, and carryout detailed reviews of completed campaigns. Marketers can also use IMIcampaign to automate marketing activities in order to continually test and optimise campaigns to maximise customer engagement, click-through, and ROI.

Talking about IMIcampaign, Jay states, "With effective CRM and CEM built on real time customer data and multichannel engagement, you need platforms that are flexible and built for mobile channels. IMIcampaign was built around enabling the guaranteed delivery of personalised and contextual messages through a customer's preferred channel, at the right moment in the customer journey."

Building Strong Customer Relations in the DNA

IMImobile has delivered smarter customer engagement solutions to a number of  distinguished organisations such as Vodafone, O2, Telefonica, Aircel, Airtel, EE, BSNL, AT&T, MTN, France Telecom, Centrica, Universal Music, Tata, the AA, the BBC and major financial institutions.

Building long lasting customer relationships and ensuring positive customer experience is embedded into IMImobile's DNA. For instance, when O2, a commercial brand of Telefónica UK Limited, was facing challenges to deliver multichannel campaigns across their customer base of over 24 million in the UK, IMImobile came forward to help with their advanced technology, dedicated campaign management team, responsive services and expertise in multichannel campaigning.

O2 had the requirements of a conventional campaign; timing, creativity and impact, but with an added complexity of sequencing the messages across different channels and integrating data to recognise customer interactions and responses across different channels. O2 was in a situation akin to a three-dimensional chess game where it was easy to make a mistake and hard to win.

Understanding the client's business matrix, IMImobile started creating and managing the delivery of campaigns across SMS, MMS, and email, and helped O2 deliver personalised communication to their customers, helping the company provide better services, enhance customer satisfaction and increase revenue. Today, O2 has achieved the highest customer satisfaction in the UK of any mobile provider, according to Ofcom. IMImobile also helped O2 win leading industry awards for its marketing, relationship building and customer service.

Impressed with IMImobile's approach towards customer service, James Breeze, Head of Marketing Operations at Telefónica UK Ltd (O2) comments, "Over the last five years, O2 and IMImobile have developed a `fruitful partnership'. They're part of the team. Our targets are their targets. O2's goals are to enhance its market position and retain its reputation for customer satisfaction. IMImobile is an essential part of the team that makes that happen. "

Thinking and Innovating, Ahead of the Time

IMImobile constantly drives innovation within the company by listening to the needs of clients, taking a pro-active approach to finding new and innovative ways to solve problems and enable growth. Highlighting the organi-zation's future course of ac-tion, Jay Patel says, "We will continue to passionately help our clients build long-lasting relationships with their cus-tomers. At the same time, we will ensure that our solutions help clients reduce complex-ity, maximise marketing return on investment and help them innovate faster by deploying new mobile-first capabilities, such as location-aware real-time messaging, without custom development."

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