New eGuide: Micro apps on messaging channels

How to expand your app reach by leveraging social and chat channels

Written by Sudarshan DharmapuriJune 19th 2017

App installs and opens are plummeting despite more transactions being carried out on mobile than ever before, while nearly a quarter of users now abandon an app after just one use.

The sad truth for enterprises is that unless you’re Uber, Deliveroo or Netflix, the apps you’ve invested so much in and spent so long designing and delivering aren’t going to get the kind of traction you were hoping for in today’s massively crowded app market. So how do you cut through the competition and extend the reach of your apps?


Our new guide explains why building “micro apps” on conversational messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM and SMS could be the answer. Find out how to build app-like functionality on rich interfaces with minimal coding, leverage your existing investments and complement your native app strategy while conversing naturally with your customers on their preferred channels.


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