The chatbot opportunity

Conversational commerce is making way for chatbots. Download the eGuide.

Written by Alex KloseFebruary 21st 2017


The explosive growth of digital messaging channels has shaped the future of customer interaction and now chatbots are extending the conversational commerce opportunity, using AI to help optimise the customer service experience, while offering cost and efficiency optimisation. Using a combination of the latest research, examples from best-practice organisations, and our own experience of working with contact centres, the eGuide looks at:

• The chatbot opportunity.
• Why now is the time for chatbots.
• The expectations of chatbots.
• Defining your chatbot strategy.
• Chatbots and their place in the contact centre.
• Choosing a chatbot platform or framework to suit you.

This eGuide explores the chatbot opportunity, and why businesses need to work towards harnessing conversational AI to engage, support, and sell to customers in 2017.



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