News / 19th May 2017

The new white paper from Ovum on how telcos can achieve omnichannel

Posted by Dan Ayres

Ovum white paper on omnichannel orchestration

Many telcos experience the same digital transformation barriers preventing them from being able to orchestrate their customer interactions across channels – something which is crucial to their future growth.

Launched in partnership with Ovum and written by industry analysts Pamela Clark-Dickson and Jeremy Cox, this new white paper explores in depth how telcos can overcome these barriers to develop differentiated customer service and engagement strategies, increase ARPU, and reduce customer churn.

Key insights include:

• What’s driving changes to customer behaviour, and how that’s driving change in telco-customer interaction.

• The key barriers holding mobile operators back from succeeding in evolving their digital customer communication strategies.

• The core capability gaps and silos that need to be addressed before true omnichannel can be achieved.

• What makes an intelligent and effective omnichannel platform.

To start benefiting from Ovum’s expertise and industry insights, download your free copy of the white paper now.



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