A modular AI platform for the end-to-end delivery of automated conversational experiences across the customer lifecycle. enables enterprises to...

Accelerate chatbot prototyping and deployment

Contextualise and personalise bot interactions

Easily manage and scale automated digital journeys

Provide a consistent experience across multiple channels

Gain immediate value from AI-assistance

Transform automated CX across the enterprise equips enterprises with AI chatbots that deliver automated conversational experiences at scale.

Out-the-box integrations, drag-and-drop tools and proprietary AI intelligence capabilities come together to enable chatbot interactions across the customer lifecycle. By blending the control of an NLP driven rule engine with the efficiency of Machine Learning, powered chatbots ensure a contextual experience for all your customers.

Enterprise-grade chatbot lifecycle management

Lead with messaging-based customer experiences enhanced by back-end integration and a robust architecture. Implement multiple use cases through different bots and then orchestrate them through a Bot Controller.

Using the Bot Controller, chatbots can retain context between different conversation threads or flows. So, no matter if you're creating a 24/7 gatekeeper to the contact centre or a focal point for marketing communications, customers receive a rich conversational experience.

Multi-channel self-service with instant agent handover

Use chatbots to enable customers to self-serve on their favourite channels. FAQ resolution, appointment management and closest store locators are just some of the automated services that can be deployed to help reduce inbound inquiries into contact centres. With same-channel agent handover, high-value interactions are seamlessly connected to a human agent to ensure the customer experience is never compromised. comes already integrated with our own agent console along with several contact centre chat providers.


Leveraging's NLP pipeline architecture, enterprises can control latencies and costs, scale-out and scale-in intelligence modules based on changing needs and always have access to state-of-the-art options from our ever-expanding module library.'s team of professional interaction (IX) designers use the best conversation and voice design practices to demonstrate empathy, common sense and a personality coherent with your brand’s image. Rich media, input buttons and more are utilised to create interactive journeys that customers want to engage with. comes with a powerful self-serve orchestration and fulfilment workflow management tool that allows bots to plug into existing systems such as CRM, CCSP, transactional systems, and data warehouses.

An analytics and reporting dashboard provides a comprehensive view of user activity, which is captured using various user and conversational metrics, engagement step segmentation, and event tracking. The dashboard can be tailored to individual businesses needs with custom analytics and periodic reports.

Automate CX in 2019

Find out how quickly you could start deploying enterprise-grade chatbots to transform conversational engagement and provide value to your customers through AI. Download the product sheet for a more in-depth feature overview and information on how to get started.