Customer Interaction Management suite

Every interaction matters

Connect with your customers on the channels they choose. Automate and orchestrate customer interactions across product, marketing, and support.

every interaction delivers a richer experience

We're creating a world where enterprises can stay constantly connected to their customers. We deliver millions of mission-critical interactions every day.

Orchestrating the world’s best customer experiences

How the CIM suite can help across multiple teams

Key products

Automate and orchestrate all your customer interactions centrally.

For enterprises easily embed communication channels into your business processes.

For carriers monetize and monitor messaging traffic, detect and block fraudulent messages, reduce load on your infrastructure and launch new channels like RCS.

Offer remote video assistance to your teams and customers.

Empower your contact center to support customer conversations on any channel.

Manage and automate your marketing campaigns.

Create connected experiences

Unite disparate systems and functions

Orchestrate customer interactions across business functions, from marketing and service delivery to customer service and support.

Balance automation with personal touch

Leverage the scale and cost benefits of automating customer interactions. Bring in humans where required to handle complex scenarios or provide a personalized service.

Be there for customers on every channel

Connect with your customers over 10+ channels including Voice, SMS, Email, WhatsApp, RCS, Apple Business Chat, Webchat, Facebook Messenger, and other social channels.

Easy to use

Persona-specific tools

From developers and technical analysts to marketers and support agents, our CIM suite caters to the customer interaction needs of a wide set of users.

Flexible toolkit

Our modular, yet fully integrated, suite of products gives you the power to automate cross-functional customer journeys using data and functionality spread across disparate systems.

Simple to integrate

Plug and play

Integrate seamlessly with existing systems and services. Leverage powerful, pre-built integrations within our suite or quickly configure custom integrations.

Flexible integration options

Inbound or outbound. Batch or real-time. Modern web-standard APIs or proprietary integration technologies. We support them all.

Why imimobile?

End-to-end expertise

Our unrivaled expertise comes from powering billions of customer interactions for some of the world’s leading companies.

Fail-safe performance

Our high-performance cloud architecture gives you seamless efficiency, scalability, and fail-safe reliability.

Proven cost efficiency

Our suite helps you build efficient processes, reduce time-to-market, and automate customer interactions while significantly reducing costs.

Make customer experience a competitive advantage.

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