imiaccess for carriers

A2P traffic monetization and network protection

Secure, analyze and monetize your A2P traffic while launching new channels like RCS.

  • Monetize A2P messaging traffic through one platform
  • Gain traffic visibility, improve security, and reduce grey route traffic
  • Add intelligent automation and business logic to messaging services
  • Reduce the load on core messaging infrastructure through intelligent routing
  • Create special packages for targeted solutions
  • Offer differentiated composite services using existing enablers

Protect and grow your A2P messaging business

Complete A2P messaging visibility

imiaccess acts as a protective layer that gives complete visibility over SMS and RCS messaging traffic.

Protect core network resources

Protect your core network resources by routing traffic to both on-net and off-net destinations.

Reduce grey route traffic and spam

Reduce grey route traffic, limit spam, and direct approved traffic through official gateways.

A complete set of services for operators

One platform for all your needs

A suite of capabilities designed to address the unique needs of your messaging business across the full service lifecycle, including message delivery, provisioning, billing, and reporting.

Robust feature set

Leverage a number of built-in features, including MNP support to enable messaging offload, feature-based routing, secure network rules, enterprise account throttling, audit controls, and much more.

Integrate business logic for smarter message delivery

Add intelligence to existing messaging services

Extend imiaccess through a catalog of microservices that adds network intelligence or business logic to your existing messaging services. Enhance messaging functionality without the need for custom development or integrations.

Launch new and innovative offerings

Launch new offerings through configurable microservices to extend the gateway capabilities and enable you to create market-leading propositions.

Power your enterprise customers with visual builders

With imiconnect, you can offer a low-code application development and delivery to enterprises to enable them to orchestrate and automate end-to-end customer interactions over 10+ communication channels.

Why use imiaccess for your A2P traffic?

Single platform approach

Use a single platform to improve monetization of A2P traffic terminating on your network.

Reduce core network traffic

Reduce the load on SMSCs by offloading off-net traffic to our fully managed service.

Network control

Gain complete visibility and control of all network-level messaging infrastructure and flows.

Create new revenue streams

Create configurable A2P messaging solutions and services to acquire and grow enterprise relationships.

Secure and scalable

Grow with a secure, ISO 27001 compliant cloud infrastructure.

Assured reliability

High availability through automatic failover, geo-redundancy, and zero downtime updates.

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