Contact management

Right channel, at the right time

Comply with regulations and cater to customer preferences. Centrally manage consent and contact policies.

Stay in control of customer interactions

Put customers in charge

Empower customers to provide their consent preferences to govern how, why, and when you interact with them.

Apply consistent contact policies

Ensure interactions comply with contact policies and regulations.

Centralize contact management

Centrally manage permissions and preferences. Import from existing systems or collect new contact preferences.

Product Sheet imiconnect

Rapidly automate customer interactions across multiple channels. Learn how imiconnect can help you manage an increasingly complex communications landscape and deliver a differentiated customer experience.

Manage consent

Obtain and validate consent over any channel. Track and manage consent preferences throughout the customers lifecycle. Use porting and deactivation data from carriers to update consent status.

Manage preferences

Capture customer preferences on when, why, and how they wish to be contacted. Apply these preferences in your communication flows. Override preferences for critical communications.

Manage frequency

Enable customers to control communication frequency and set contact limits per contact type. Configure policy limits for the number of communications sent by channel and purpose. Enforce limits for promotional messages while enabling key transactional outbound messages.

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