The right fit for every system

Orchestrate customer interactions with your existing backend systems, cloud applications, and partner services.

Integrate with any system

Pre-built integrations

Achieve faster time-to-market by leveraging pre-built integrations for Salesforce, Zendesk, NICE InContact, Cisco Finesse, and other systems.

Configure custom integrations

Quickly configure integrations with any REST or SOAP APIs. Our configuration-driven approach is faster than manual coding.

Reuse integrations

Configure integrations once and reuse them across communication flows. Make enhancements and changes using a central integration point.

Choose your interface

Configure bi-directional integrations across a variety of different technologies and protocols.


s/FTP integrations

Message queues

Plug and play with your existing tools

Product Sheet imiconnect

Rapidly automate customer interactions across multiple channels. Learn how imiconnect can help you manage an increasingly complex communications landscape and deliver a differentiated customer experience.

Powerful. Seamless. Integrated.

Proactive communications

Notify customers proactively with real-time triggers from existing systems such as CRM and order management.

Contextual engagement

Engage customers through relevant communications by leveraging CRM data, purchase history, recent events, or actions.

Instant request fulfilment

Eliminate manual delays with automation. Automate end-to-end request fulfillment and offer provisioning with integrations.

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