Engage more, react less

Empower your contact center to support customer conversations on any channel.

  • Support customers on channels they choose
  • Innovate with new channels
  • Automate pre and post-contact processes
  • Balance automation with personal touch
  • Improve agent productivity
  • Improve CX and reduce costs

Unified agent console Consistent support across channels

From voice to messaging apps, equip your agents with one interface to increase productivity and deliver the support your customers expect.

Proactive communications Address customer needs before they pick up the phone

Keep customers proactively informed. Provide self-care capabilities. Transfer conversations with full context to live agents when required.

Blend AI and agent support

Conversational automation

Integrate virtual customer agents into customer service operations to manage routine enquiries, offer self-service, and provide 24x7 assistance.

Seamless agent handover

Some enquiries require instant attention. Identify complex and high-priority customer issues and seamlessly pass them directly to agents.

Improve CX and reduce costs

IVR call deflection

Build an IVR journey that lets customers seamlessly transfer to a messaging channel where they can self-serve and chat with agents at their convenience.

Contact elevation

Interactions are never fixed to one channel. Easily elevate a chat conversation to a phone call or a browser-based video call for instant support.

Voice / Verified Calls
Live Chat
In-app Messaging
Apple Business Chat
RCS Business Messaging
Twitter Direct Messages
Push Notifications

Product Sheet imiengage

Learn how imiengage can transform your contact center into a customer engagement center, reduce costs, and improve CX.

Key features

  • Intelligent routing

    Direct enquiries based on agent skills and knowledge to ensure the customer speaks to the right person.
  • Agent productivity

    Empower agents with productivity tools like response templates, agent assist, and next best actions.
  • Surface customer profile information

    Fetch customer data from CRM or other systems to help agents deliver contextual support.
  • Quality control

    Improve customer service quality with features like Silent Monitoring, Barge-in, and Whisper.
  • Workflow automation

    Let agents trigger flows on demand to fulfill customer requests, follow up, and other actions.
  • Advanced reporting

    Build reports to analyze agent performance, channel trends, and more.
“Before its implementation, the team had no idea how many calls were coming in or the peak times for those calls. Now we have greater reporting and real-time monitoring capabilities and even the ability to automate outbound interactions via calls or messages to free up time for the team.”
Yvonne Steel Team Manager Dudley Council

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